professional headshot photography.jpg

Headshot or portrait session pricing for individuals: $349.00

Sessions include the following:

  • Choice of either outdoor or indoor location. Indoor location to be at your place of business

  • Indoor locations may have a natural environment, without studio backdrop, or a studio backdrop, usually white, gray or black

  • Outdoor locations may be outside your place of business/building or at a different location determined by your desired look

  • Session includes one high resolution retouched digital image

  • Retouching is minimally retouched to softening facial lines, remove and/or soften facial blemishes. Retouching is not overly done to look unnatural

  • Additional high resolution retouched digital images are available for $99.00 per image

  • You may view and choose your favorite image(s) during your session, or view your photos later online in a password protected gallery

  • Images will be delivered via email


Headshot or portrait sessions pricing for many individuals from a company:

Same options as above but individual pricing decreases as number of individual people photographed increases

  • 1-2 people $349.00 per person

  • 3-5 people $299.00 per person

  • 6-9 people $249.00 per person

  • 10-19 people $199.00 per person

  • 20-29 people $179.00 per person

  • 30+ people $159.00 per person


Corporate group photography pricing:

Group pricing include one high resolution digital image per group

  • 2-5 people in the photo          $499.00

  • 6-10 people in the photo        $949.00

  • 11-20 people in the photo      $1,499.00

  • 21-30 people in the photo      $1,949.00

  • 31-40 people in the photo      $2,499.00

  • 41-50 people in the photo      $2,999.00

  • 51-70 people in the photo      $3,999.00

  • 80+ people in the photo        $4,999.00